Graded players

Graded Players 2015/2016

1. Lantern Bar
P O Rourke, Mark CLINTON , P Madden, R WALSH .

2. Lantern Lounge
D Doyle, Terry Bellew, Damien O Connor, Richie Timmons.

3. Carranstown
Keith Rooney[A] , Steven Murtagh.

4. Sally Inn
Mark Heavey, Stephen Kells, James Smith

5. Greyhound ;
Niall Barry, Keane Barry

6. Mariner
Joe Murphy, Robert Smith

7. Thatch [A]
Stephen Gibney

8. Morning Star
John Andrews

9. Cottage Inn
Colm Boyle

10. Boyne Valley Inn
Martin Farrley

Remember as Per League Rules, All Graded Players In Div 1 Must Now Play In Positions, 1 3 or 5; ;

Current list subject to change and review at various times during season

All Players Signed after Initial Registration Night, Must Stay In Same Or Higher Divisions As Previous Year



Mick MC Gowan[A]= Simon Wicks [A]- G Rice, D Dunne[A] ;M Mc Mahon [A],Steve MC Donnell [A]; G Unwin [A]. Jacko Barry [A]- O Caffrey [A]; Alan Lawlor[A] A Doherty [A]; Pat Darby.[A];- I Branks[A]. J Keogh [A]; Ray Campbell [A]- D Geraghty [A] V Collins [A] M Bryan [A];


1 Graded Players Can Only Be Signed In The Premier Division, After Initial Registration Date;]

2]Players who are Un Graded,and then leave that club, May be Re Graded, [C.D.F]

3] New players coming into League, who are on Inter County List, and are traveling from outside Pub area, will be Graded in first year.

4]Committie Reserve The Right,to Add Additional Players To This List if Re Quired During Season;

5]Above List Can and Will Be Reviewed on a regular basis, During League.

6]Clubs with players Under Review, who have 3 Graded players already, Are Not Permitted to Sign any more Graded players, Until Review Is COMPLETED;